Göztepe'nin yeni başkanı Danimarkalı Rasmus Ankersen oldu

To the attention of Mr. Ankersen!

Some Questions Begging Their Answers

As Göztepe fans, every one of us has some complaints. Even when everything goes great, we have reasons to fight with others or each other. As you may hear, revolt is in our souls. Some of them like something and some of them hate the same thing. A few want to make someone go, while others love that someone. But in recent years, there is one thing that we have all agreed on, and it is the lack of well-established, sincere and healthy communication. Because communication goes both ways, we have decided to write this article. At least we can do our share.

When first rumours were heard about the Sport Republic and Göztepe, we have felt an enthusiasm growing deep inside. Many of us asked to ourselves whether this will bring us what we have desired since long ago. In addition to the vision that what highly expected thing was the foreign investors (a fund) whose name we are familiar with exceeded the expectations for success. Briefly, we need believe that good things are about to come but after the defeat of Tuzlaspor, honestly, we still would like to think the same, but how? On the other hand, convincing us is getting difficult day by day.

Before moving forward with this short article, let’s make something clear. What we are saying is not a threat or something like that. We would kindly warn you and point out a fact.

As Göztepe supporters, we do not hold any share of the club. But we are the heart of the club, the body and the soul of the club. We are Göztepe. Therefore, our orientation in life mainly focuses on GÖZTEPE! Having no doubt that everyone who takes a step on this journey knows the history, especially the last two decades.

As known, Sport Republic got behind the wheel at the end of the last season, which was full of frustration. No one has ever shared even the simplest going-on with us. We are afraid things are proceeding as it was, as seen through our tearful eyes. We still do not possess any knowledge of what is going on. We do know, of course, this might be a long process, we still have some rational people among us, but even for those, it is getting harder and harder to put out fires. Relieving concerns must be the duty of someone at the club, not some fans. At least for now, we believe, a few answers to a few simple questions might lick our wounds before the frustration grows like mushrooms in our bodies once again.

Frankly, the last words before our questions: we will be there no matter what happens, yet we are out of patience. You can ask for anything from us. We have sweated, cried and bled for Göztepe at our stands. We are ready to do the same, once again, as always. But please do not ask for patience from us.


·         What is the direction of travel the club would be going in?

·         And what can we expect to see in the coming weeks, months and years?

·         Is the initial goal to make Göztepe a reserve team of Southampton, because the Turkish Super Lig is in Bend 2?

·         Who made the transfer decisions this summer? Really?

ha   Have you ever checked that if Göztepe hadn't aimed to be in the top, it became really hard for us to survive throughout the season?

       We are looking forward to hearing the answers and the reactions to our questions!

Sincerely yours!

Göztepelist Board






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