Yapay Zeka ile İddaa Bültenindeki Futbol Maçlarına Tahminler


(*) This content is translated and quoted from Dokuz Eylül Newspaper.

Göztepe, while 14 days passed from the lifetime of earthlings, who were scattered in all the geographies, where away from the land close to the ocean and close to the land away from the ocean and Göztepe fans, post-relegating from the top football division of the country, after representing the humble homeland İzmir five consecutive seasons. Got even closer to the relegation line after losing 0-2 in the week 8 game against Tuzlaspor with an unattractive play and a meaningless red card.


It seems like the team got the message from Ankersen this week that indicated we were not a contestant for the promotion this season as most of the fans understood. We have claimed 8 points in 8 weeks of playing highly ineffective and greatly unattractive football. Here are facts needed to be comprehended by Rasmus Ankersen and Dragan Solak;

1)      Expecting to be successful of an algorithm that has proved itself in Denmark and England necessitated being more than a little optimist.

2)      If you do not play for promotion in this league, it means that you play not to be relegated and if Göztepe is in this equation, it will end up relegated as history taught us more than a few times.


When we look at the current state of Göztepe and So’ton, a question about the Sport Republic’s state-of-the-art algorithm comes to mind, “Is the setting adjusted on the "barely staying in the league is enough" mod? Worrisome.


After all of these going-ons and 2 wins in the last 23 games and 2 wins in the 8 games of this season, the bond between fans and the team has started to worn out. As home defeats continue, the tone of criticism will be increased. The result takes firm steps forward toward a similar ending as it was the last year.



This is a lig who gets the advantage when you score earlier. Moreover, similar to the Super league getting  a point of one is much better than none. If you cannot defeat, not losing; getting unnecessary and useless red and yellow cards and causing ridiculous penalties are also critical.


It seemed very strange for most of us that Yasin Öztekin was not in the starting 11 of this match. Yes, Yasin is not in his prime, if he were, he probably wouldn't be here right now. On the other hand, without Yasin Öztekin, there are not many people left in Göztepe who can go towards the opponent’s side. Yes, he is under the impression that his condition cannot play the full match, but there are not many people who seem to be able to play the full match anyway. Kvasina… As a striker, it has been far below what was expected so far. As for Ajdin Hasic, I recommend him to watch the Tuzlaspor match -if he has enough patience- from the first minute of the game to the last minute. Unfortunately, it is far below the quality it has displayed in the past and if he doesn't spruce himself up immediately, he seems to be taking firm steps towards falling headlong down the career ladder. And a word about David Tijanic: His contribution to the team seems far below than the expected.  Even if he has an intention to go to another country from here, "Will he transfer himself as he is?" is the only question that I want to ask him.


A note to all Göztepe players : The current Göztepe squad is having a hard time as they don't have enough performance to replace even one of their first 11 players. For this reason, players must complete the match without seeing unnecessary red and yellow cards, and they must stay away from actions that the fans will find it difficult to understand, as Emre Çolak did in this match.


I also have a note for Göztepe supporters who are suffer a lot. I know patience is enough to some extend but the devastating truth is that this team, as it stands, seems very difficult to stay in the league without serious support from the Göztepe supporters.


Last but not the least by means of the famous algorithms of Turkey's first foreign football investor Dragan Solak fund and the transfers insistently made by Rasmus Ankersen, the first foreign club president in Turkey Göztepe was able to win 2 wins in 8 matches. Average is less than 1 point per match. The whole world knows that <1 point per match is the rythm of relegation. I hope they won’t withdraw the team from the league through these algorithms.  I hope Göztepe can find 19-20 points levels before the end of the half. Otherwise, it will become quite assertive about the withdrawal.

In order for the team to recover, the suggestion of many fans is to bring a disciplined coach, as we have had an awful and disgusting experience for such occasions. The multi-technical administration, which gives the impression of current Athenian democracy, does not seem to have worked.

Oğuz Reşat Sipahi




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